Spar Wall Putty



Spar Wall putty is a water resistant white cement based putty, ideal for use on internal, external walls and ceilings. Spar wall putty binds strongly with the base plaster, even if the surface is damp, and forms a protective base. Spar wall putty is much better than ordinary putty as it becomes an integral part of the plaster due to its White Cement and polymer constitution. This gives better compatibility, adhesive-strength and a long-life to SPAR Wall Putty. Spar wall putty offers you total protection against flaking, you are assured of a good looking home for years to come.

About Us

Spar Home Decor is a leading brand in the Home Decor Industry. Owing to its constant R&D efforts and technology advancements Spar Minerals launched a value added product in 2012. SPAR Wall Putty, with its intrinsic characteristics of strong binding with building surfaces, smooth finish, extensive coverage, superior refractive index, paint friendly nature, simple as well as facile application procedures and competitive pricing stands second to none. It is a white cement and polymer based fine powder which provides an ideal base for concrete / cement plastered walls and ceilings.

Best Home Protection

Best Whiteness

Optional Painting Services

How To Apply

Step 1 : Preparation of SPAR Wall Putty paste.
  • Take required quantity of SPAR Wall Putty in a pan. 35-40% water by volume is required to prepare paste of good consistency.
  • Mix half of required water quantity into it. Knead/Mix the Putty & wait for few minutes.
  • Mix remaining quantity of water to get desired consistency.
  • Mix vigorously for 5-10 minutes for making a lump-free and uniform paste.
  • Mix the product in such quantities that it should be used within 2 hours of preparation.
  • Mixing may be done manually or by using a suitable electric mixer.
Step 2 : Application of SPAR Wall Putty.
  • Ensure that surface is totally clean.
  • Ensure that surface plastered or made with cementitious material.
  • The surface should be moderately rough and in just-wet condition.
  • Apply 1st coat of SPAR Wall Putty (1.5 mm thickness) using a blade / spatula on the wall with a “bottom to up” configuration.
  • Apply 2nd coat of SPAR Wall Putty (1.0 mm thickness) preferably after 4 hours in summers and after 12 hours in winters.   
  • Second coat shall be applied “horizontally” to even out application marks of 1st coat, if any.
  • Remove putty paste again for 1 minute, if it is left undisturbed for 30 minutes.
  • Allow complete drying for 3 days and then use a fine emery paper to remove application marks, if any.