Spar Wall Putty

What is wall putty and how to make use of it to beautify your home?


What is wall putty and how to make use of it to beautify your home?

We come across various problems on walls when it is time to paint them. Only one and sure shot solution to all those problems is wall putty.

Application of Spar wall putty on your walls ensures a smooth and even finish.

Wall putty finds various uses on your walls, normally it is applied before painting as it increases paint life. It can be applied on the interior, exterior of your house. It can be applied on both dry and wet walls, only place it should be avoided is damp walls. A few precautions can make your putty work just great. A coat of wall primer must be applied before wall putty. Apply wall putty only when your primer coat is completely dry. Putty fills all the imperfections and slightest of cracks. Usually two coats of putty are necessary but the thing to be kept in mind is that first coat of wall putty must dry before you apply the second coat.

You must wear gloves and mask to protect yourself from unnecessary dirt and dust. Essential tools for putty application are putty knife, paint scraper, sand paper, a piece of cloth and water. Loose flakes on the walls should be removed using a putty knife, paint scraper or sand paper to make the whole surface free from dirt and dust. Lime coated walls need a special attention, lime needs to be scratched off using a scraper or sand paper. Similarly oil painted walls also need this procedure.

All the cracks should be dug out using a screw driver and loose material also needs to be removed. Seal the cracks with putty and once it gets dry, smoothen the surface with help of sanding paper.

We hope these tips and tricks will help you. Evenly painted walls are now within your reach.